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Gender Essence Support Services are a specialist professional counselling organisation, aimed at providing emotional and therapeutic support to those who identify within the Trans* spectrum, including Gender Fluid, Non-binary, Intersex, Asexual.

Within our site you will learn more about Gender Essence Support Services, our qualifications, our counselling style, our experience, how to contact us and much more.

Gender Essence Support Services was established in Belfast Northern Ireland in July 2007, and we continue to grow from strength to strength, obtaining its charity status in January 2014.

We have dedicated Gender Counsellors who are committed to helping you work through any confusion, pain or anxiety you may have around your Gender Identity. We are the only specialist organisation of its kind within the United Kingdom.

We at Gender Essence are extremely dedicated, passionate and proud of the services that we provide. We are delighted that we are able to provide this much needed service to this isolated and under resourced section of our communities.

Gender Essence Support Services have been appointed lead agency in Northern Ireland for the Gender Trust. (From - 2008)

Charity No: NI00241

'Being true to yourself, is the essence to living well'

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